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You think you know somebody

Jackie used to live three blocks away from me

We used to throw the baseball and we´d climb this old oak-tree

We would sneak his old man´s cigarettes behind the picket fence

Swore that we would always be the best of friends 

We used to sit out on the curb and talk on summer nights

Until Jackie´s daddy called him, then he took off like a light


Friday nights were all the same in our high school senior year

We hung out at the river, drank black label beer 

We would listen to the Stones with all of our old friends

Maybe sneak a toke or two down where the river bends

I remember how I said I´d drive him home on friday night

Well he said, " go on without me, buddy, I´ll be allright


We went off to college to start our freshman year

Well, I went off to school about an hour away from here

But you know Jackie he took off, he went to college out of state

He used to call me all the time, he used to tell me it was great 

He said, " I´m coming home for Christmas and I hope you´ll do the same"

Well, he´d say that he was coming, but Jackie never came.


You think you know somebody

You think they know you

You think you know somebody

But man you never do


Well, the night that he got married I was his best man

He´s moved back to town and now we´re neighbors again

I´ve since found myself a wife, so now I am married too

Our families get together every sunday afternoon

His boy and my boy they sit out and talk at night

Until Jackie calls for his boy, then he takes off like a light


Last night I saw the flashing lights, I quickly ran outside

the neighbor lady told me that Jackie´s youngest boy had died

And I was shocked to see the cops had Jackie handcuffed in the car

Until this morning´s paper told me that Jackie´d gone too far

And now they´re saying Jackie, he ain´t the only one to blame

`Cause battered children , they almost always grow up to do the same`


 Des isch doch mal voll der geile song oder, zwar voll traurig

aber trotzdem echt cool^^

Des isch von nem Typ der " TODD SNIDER" heißt ^^

Ich hoff des gfällt euch genauso gut wie mir






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